25 09 2010

Welp, Borderlands. It is a game that was a fun learning experience for me, I haven’t played to many shooters beside it and Team Fortress 2, but I jumped in and immediately fell in love with the opening cinematic as well as with the games comic-book art style. The enemies are fun as hell to blast and sniping undetected is a game of it’s own.

However, a little while into the game I found it got really hard for me. I just powered through it and I had another easy spurt. This reminded me of my Diablo II days, my character would absolutely dominate everything in sight, move to a new area or quest and would quickly be beat into submission and I would work tactically and come out on top.

Anyway, I played as the hunter class just because it looked bad ass. Don’t tell me it doesn’t. I dare you.

I’ve set it down for a while now (mainly because I am to lazy to pop the disk back into my PC), but Borderlands will always remain a favorite, I found it for $20 at Walmart and if you haven’t played it yet, I would recommend giving it a shot. Hey, you get to blast deformed Verne Troyer sized psychopaths while they run at you with flaming axes. Don’t tell me that isn’t fun. Seriously, don’t. I DARE YOU.



Star Wars: The Old Rebpublic Holonet Update

25 09 2010

Much to my delight, Bio Ware decided to update the Holonet with the new smuggler info. This wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone considering they just released a smuggler cinematic at You can watch the video below.

However, today Bio Ware released screenshots and more details on the two new advanced classes for the smuggler, the Gunslinger and the Scoundrel. The Gunslinger is a quick-to-draw Ezio-esque hooded figure that specializes in dual wielding pistols. Whereas the Scoundrel is a smooth talking Han Solo-esque persona that uses one blaster and is more of a hit-man that “knows how to get the job done”. You can view this here

What would I play?

Well . . . I haven’t really thought much about it since my dream class for this game will be the melee spec Sith Inquisitor, but I’ve never been into the whole smart ass persona that the scoundrel has, I mean aren’t there enough in real life? However, the gunslinger is skilled, tough, quick, and oozes finesse. So I think you can guess where my loyalties lie.

I’ve inserted the official machinima video below as well as a link to the forums so you can discuss it and flame trolls.




Withering WoW?

24 09 2010

Up for Some . . .

A recent report by Screen Digest shows that while the mmo industry is on the rise (from 1.4 billion to 1.6 billion dollars from 08 to 09) but to the heart attacks of many people sitting in there basement with red bull by their desks waiting for their guilds to show up for a raid, that blizzard’s virtual behemoth has gone down in player count from 60% to 54%!

and a possible sky-dive for others.

Could WoW’s heart stopping clutch on the MMO market be slipping? Or is it just the result of players taking a break planning to return when the new expansion hits? Since Blizzard hasn’t done anything terribly horrific to their game, could the latter be correct, OR could WoW finally have had the harpoon of old age partially sever the artery of people’s want of something new?

“Harpoon of

old age”

Your thoughts below.

TERA Pax Demo Walkthrough Video

23 09 2010

They did it for us at E3 and they did it for us at PAX.

En Masse Entertainment released a video that walked us through the demo that was featured to players at PAX.

Personally, I think TERA will be a force to be reckoned with in the MMO multiverse because the combat looks very engaging and skill based. I can picture in my head five people with lap tops over at their party leader’s house yelling at each other to, “Quit Sucking you *questionable word* and get out of the *questionable word* SPIKES!!”

“Nooooooo I can’t hold on any *questionable word* longer.”

“Come on guys, come on guys let’s go all out oh … oh HOLY *questionable word* ALL OUT ALL *questionable word*OUT!!!!!!!!

*questionable word* WE DIED!!!!!!” this activates an instinct that has been hiding in humans since the beginning of time, the urge to kill the healer because you got your *questionable word* handed to you.

Don’t forget to comment =)

“oh HOLY *questionable word* ALL OUT ALL

*questionable word* OUT!!!!!”

38 Studios is Moving to Rhode Island

23 09 2010

38 Studios is currently developing a game that I think has potential that is codenamed Copernicus. However, a few months ago they announced that they will be moving to Providence, Rhode Island. Most of us have heard it somewhere, well now it’s official =)


“Rhode Island”

Final Fantasy XIV

23 09 2010

Square Enix has decided to give all the fans that pre ordered the collectors edition early access to the game! Although I haven’t been terribly infatuated with this game I know there are a lot of people who are (as well as a fair amount of people who want to kill everyone in square-enix seriously read a comment on the game, people go to extremes to vent their vociferous rage about a game).

One of my favorite websites, is hosting a live stream of the early access that you can watch by clicking this link

Vociferous RAGE”

Diablo 3

22 09 2010

We’ve all been waiting for it, Torchlight can only pacify our thirst as gamers for another massive quality dungeon crawler.

Presenting the Ever-Changing Release Date, The Ever Slow-To-Update,

Diablo III

What Will I be playing? Hands-down the Barbarian. Granted I will probably fool around with the monk as well, but the Barbarian is just fun in a gritty and brutal way that I find oddly appealing. I mean, you are hitting monsters and watching stuff fly from their bodies, no matter how dark and realistic it might be to some people the entire notion is a bit ridiculous. However, ridiculous is fun and the Barbarian’s game play just amplifies that gritty ridiculousness.

Recent Updates . . .

are probably the last thing anyone should expect for Diablo III at this point (although blizzcon isn’t that far off and I am hoping for a fifth class reveal *fingers crossed*). Blizzard did release some info at gamescom though that highlights crafting and upgradable vendors, I can’t help but ponder how this is going to work out with multiplayer.

So what are your thoughts on this video?