Diablo 3

22 09 2010

We’ve all been waiting for it, Torchlight can only pacify our thirst as gamers for another massive quality dungeon crawler.

Presenting the Ever-Changing Release Date, The Ever Slow-To-Update,

Diablo III

What Will I be playing? Hands-down the Barbarian. Granted I will probably fool around with the monk as well, but the Barbarian is just fun in a gritty and brutal way that I find oddly appealing. I mean, you are hitting monsters and watching stuff fly from their bodies, no matter how dark and realistic it might be to some people the entire notion is a bit ridiculous. However, ridiculous is fun and the Barbarian’s game play just amplifies that gritty ridiculousness.

Recent Updates . . .

are probably the last thing anyone should expect for Diablo III at this point (although blizzcon isn’t that far off and I am hoping for a fifth class reveal *fingers crossed*). Blizzard did release some info at gamescom though that highlights crafting and upgradable vendors, I can’t help but ponder how this is going to work out with multiplayer.

So what are your thoughts on this video?




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