Withering WoW?

24 09 2010

Up for Some . . .

A recent report by Screen Digest shows that while the mmo industry is on the rise (from 1.4 billion to 1.6 billion dollars from 08 to 09) but to the heart attacks of many people sitting in there basement with red bull by their desks waiting for their guilds to show up for a raid, that blizzard’s virtual behemoth has gone down in player count from 60% to 54%!

and a possible sky-dive for others.

Could WoW’s heart stopping clutch on the MMO market be slipping? Or is it just the result of players taking a break planning to return when the new expansion hits? Since Blizzard hasn’t done anything terribly horrific to their game, could the latter be correct, OR could WoW finally have had the harpoon of old age partially sever the artery of people’s want of something new?

“Harpoon of

old age”

Your thoughts below.




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