25 09 2010

Welp, Borderlands. It is a game that was a fun learning experience for me, I haven’t played to many shooters beside it and Team Fortress 2, but I jumped in and immediately fell in love with the opening cinematic as well as with the games comic-book art style. The enemies are fun as hell to blast and sniping undetected is a game of it’s own.

However, a little while into the game I found it got really hard for me. I just powered through it and I had another easy spurt. This reminded me of my Diablo II days, my character would absolutely dominate everything in sight, move to a new area or quest and would quickly be beat into submission and I would work tactically and come out on top.

Anyway, I played as the hunter class just because it looked bad ass. Don’t tell me it doesn’t. I dare you.

I’ve set it down for a while now (mainly because I am to lazy to pop the disk back into my PC), but Borderlands will always remain a favorite, I found it for $20 at Walmart and if you haven’t played it yet, I would recommend giving it a shot. Hey, you get to blast deformed Verne Troyer sized psychopaths while they run at you with flaming axes. Don’t tell me that isn’t fun. Seriously, don’t. I DARE YOU.





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