Star Wars: The Old Rebpublic Holonet Update

25 09 2010

Much to my delight, Bio Ware decided to update the Holonet with the new smuggler info. This wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone considering they just released a smuggler cinematic at You can watch the video below.

However, today Bio Ware released screenshots and more details on the two new advanced classes for the smuggler, the Gunslinger and the Scoundrel. The Gunslinger is a quick-to-draw Ezio-esque hooded figure that specializes in dual wielding pistols. Whereas the Scoundrel is a smooth talking Han Solo-esque persona that uses one blaster and is more of a hit-man that “knows how to get the job done”. You can view this here

What would I play?

Well . . . I haven’t really thought much about it since my dream class for this game will be the melee spec Sith Inquisitor, but I’ve never been into the whole smart ass persona that the scoundrel has, I mean aren’t there enough in real life? However, the gunslinger is skilled, tough, quick, and oozes finesse. So I think you can guess where my loyalties lie.

I’ve inserted the official machinima video below as well as a link to the forums so you can discuss it and flame trolls.







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