SWtoR’s Designing the Light Side Video

22 09 2010

Star Wars : The Old Republic is my most anticipated upcoming mmo. I know this is a little late, but cut me some slack, this blog is only one day old!

Just a few days ago Bio Ware released a Developer video on Designing the light side, thoughts below.

I thought the video showed some good footage, and I don’t know about you guys, but it seems like the one thing that SWtOR’s combat seems to center around is one word speed. Everything looks very fast, one second you are attacking the next parrying an oncoming blow.

Another thing that I found interesting was the fact that the game developer described the jedi as warrior monks. I guess I’ve never exactly thought of the jedi in that way but after I think about it some more, I can see where they are coming from with that. However, I salivated at the fact that that just because you are a jedi does not mean you are an angel. Power, whether it is considered by the public to be light or dark is still power, and power, all to often, corrupts and consumes.

“This Blog,

only one day old.”

You can watch this video and get into flame wars in the comment section.


What are your most anticipated PC games?

21 09 2010

The title says it all.

What are you most anticipated PC games? Mine include :

World of Warcraft : Cataclysm

Star Wars : The Old Republic

Torchlight II

Diablo III

Guild wars II


Welp, there you have it, let the world know your thoughts on what your most anticipated games are by leaving a list in the comments =).

A quick autobiography of gaming pertaining to your’s truly . . .

21 09 2010

I started off with simple games Mario, Rampage, real simple stuff (even though believe me, Mario can be hard). Eventually I began to want something more . . . creative, more massive. So I picked up Guild Wars thinking it was WoW without the monthly fee.

It wasn’t.

I enjoy Guild Wars now, but back then I wanted it to be WoW and it wasn’t. That being said, I figured “let’s try the real deal,” I picked up a trial of WoW and it turned out to be defective, and I stayed with my friend who works at Best Buy trying to get it to work for six hours, I said we should sacrifice a child to the blizzard gods but he said that wasn’t “logical”, whatever the hell that means. ANYWAY, we finally came to the conclusion that the trial was indeed defective. I figured “what isn’t there to like?” and picked up the WoW battle chest (Wrath of the Lich King had not been released at that time) I looked at the cover of burning crusade and saw the bad ass looking elf on the front and was mesmerized.

I brought it home and was shocked that it installed without a hitch, giddy with excitement, I created a blood elf warlock on the Shu’Halo server named him Beastcaller.

I was hooked.

Today, Beastcaller switched servers to Azuremyst and is now Beastlie.I played and leveled two characters to 70, Beastlie and Maharok, an orc enhancement shaman.

I played WotLK and hit 80 on Beastlie and took a break to explore other games such as one of my favorites Age of Conan. However, I found myself missing the guild I had found and returned to WoW with a broader understanding of MMOs and PC games in general.

I have played other rpgs such as : Diablo II, Guild Wars, Kotor, Borderlands, Mass effect 2, and the ever beloved Dragon Age.

In conclusion, games are more than just a hobby now, albeit they are not the entirety of my life, they have become a recreational part of me that is nestled within me and comes free when I play my PC games.

Hello world!

21 09 2010

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